Falling in love with RVA day 15: A day of peace and tranquility.

MC900444672Good evening! If you are wondering how I went from day 13 to 15, well, I was a bit under the weather yesterday, so I stayed in and rested. On today, September 15th, I spent time in RVA at the Elegba Folklore Society Cultural Center with a group of authors enjoying the Claude McKay Black Book Festival. To say our hostess Ms. Janine Bell, carries herself with the regal poise of the queen she is, is an understatement.

Ms Bell, greeted me as I entered the Elegba Folklore Society Cultural Center and made sure I felt welcome. I joined the other authors and we talked, networked and shared tips. Spending time at the Elegba Folklore Society Cultural Center today, was about so much more than selling books. It was about relishing in the tranquil atmosphere created by Ms. Bell and enjoying the serenity of her spirit.

I am excited  I was able to attend the Claude McKay Black Book Festival today. I will continue to support the Elegba Folklore Society and Ms. Bell by attending their events throughout the year. If you are looking for an opportunity to experience African Diaspora Culture at it’s best, checkout Ms. Janine Bell and the Elegba Folklore Society.

As always, I wish you a safe and peaceful night.


Savannah J, she adds a little sass in every page. 

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