Falling in love with RVA day five, September 5, 2013

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Day five took me to what has to be one of the most beautiful places in the RVA Metro area, Pony Pasture Rapids Park. As I followed the road leading along the James River to the park, I felt as though I was transported to another city. It was as if a whole new world just opened up for me. I had never been up close and personal to rapids before and I was in awe, not just of the way the water rippled and swirled but of the entire area.

There were bikers along the road and runners as well. Because I’m a runner wanna-be, I love watching others run and so this was right up my alley. Unfortunately, I was unable to hang out for long, but I plan to return to Pony Pasture soon and spend some time. 

As I left the area, I drove under the Huguenot Bridge which was so cool (okay, I’m a big kid at heart. LOL!) to me. There are two other parks along the road leading to Pony Pasture that I intend to check out as well. Everyday, I receive tips on more fun things to do in RVA, such as the Trolley and Segway tours which are now on my list.

Since I work night shift, I’m writing about yesterday’s activity on the September 6th. In a few minutes, I’m taking off on today’s adventure and as usual, I’m excited. I’ll tell you all about it later tonight. As always, in closing I wish you a safe and peaceful evening.


Savannah J, she puts a little sass in every page.

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