Falling in love with RVA day three: September 3. 2013

BalloonsToday, I wanted to run outside like a little kid and shout “Today is the best day ever!!!” I’m so excited because not only did I do something fun in RVA, but I found a space to hang out and write. I visited the gang at 804RVA, a space where entrepreneurs who are tired of working from home or coffee shops can go and work. The neat thing is, I was in an environment with a group of people just like me!

I found an add for the space in The Grid Magazine and made it my fun thing for today and I’m so happy I did. The building had some fascinating history to it as well. Back in the 1920’s the building was used for the sale and repair of  Cadillac cars by The Jones Motor Car Company (Sited from The National Register of Historic Places Registration Form www.dhr.virginia.gov). The pulleys used to hoist the cars to the upper level of the building for repair have been persevered and are still in place. Now, that was a neat thing to see.

The atmosphere was welcoming and conducive to work. On my way out I was given more ideas of fun things to do in RVA and I shall. As always, I wish each of you and quiet and peaceful night.


Savannah J, she adds a little sass in every page. 

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