Falling in love with RVA, day two: September 2, 2013

IMAG0294Today is the Labor Day Holiday and so far it has been quiet. I did get out and about earlier in RVA to a great ice cream spot. I started out in Carytown and okay, it was not my first time visiting this popular spot, but I took the advice of the columnist recommending the ice cream eatery and did a walk-about.

I’m not one who fancies shopping, so whenever I go to Carytown, I’m usually in and out. Today, I parked a couple blocks from the store and took my time and window shopped and took notice of establishments I’d like to visit in the future. I observed Man of Steel was playing at the Byrd Theater and thought about catching a matinee.

The ice cream store I stopped in was “Bev’s Homemade Ice Cream” and it’s hailed as one of the best ice creameries in the area. I selected a flavor I wouldn’t ordinarily choose, as I wanted to live on the edge, if you will. I got their Expresso-Oreo and I musty say it was quite tasty. I’m not a chocolate lover at all, but the Expresso-Oreo was perfect for me.

Next, I headed over to Elwood-Thompson’s Market to pick up a couple items for my son. I’ve been to Elwood’s before as well, but not since their expansion. I enjoy Elwood’s because the clientele is a lot like me. They seem to be the artsy type who enjoy a good, Vegan or Vegetarian/Pescatarian meal.

After leaving Elwood-Thompson’s, I decided against seeing Man of Steel and instead headed for a Red Box DVD dispenser not too far from home and picked up Lincoln. I chose Lincoln because most of it is filmed in the RVA-Metro area.

Now, I’m off to prepare myself a delicious Greek pasta dish, make a few phone calls to my beloved family and end my day by enjoying my movie. I’m really excited about tomorrow’s RVA adventure but if you want to know what it is, you’ll have to catch up with me on Tuesday night. Until then, have a safe and peaceful Labor Day.


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Bev’s Homemade Ice Cream 


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