Falling in love with RVA, day one: September 1, 2013



Today was the first day of my new love affair with RVA. I decided, I wanted to start with something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s pretty obvious, I love to read and I’ve always wanted to stop and read the historical markers along the roadway. To save on gas and time, I Goggled historical markers for Virginia and found more than I could look through in a day. After viewing a few, I narrowed it down to the Petersburg-Richmond area and dove in.

The majority of the information I found was on the Civil War, and to my delight, it was quite fascinating. My final narrowing of facts brought me to my own community. One such marker caught and held my attention, it highlighted an area less then five miles away called, The Mid-Lothian (Coal) Mines Park. I found the park on line and gathered more information.  I then finished my breakfast and set out to find the ruins of the mines.

Prior to leaving my house, I was talking with my son and telling him of my adventure for today and not surprisingly, he knew of the park. I invited him along and we set out together.

The grounds of the Mid-Lothian Mines Park were beautiful. There was a lake with a walking trail around it. In the wooded area was the ruins of Grove Shaft, where the coal was mined and next to it, the ruins of the Mid-lothian African Church. (Pictured) A church built by free Blacks, slaves and a few white men as a place of worship for the Black workers.

As my son and I walked and I admired the area, he mentioned how surprised he was, I had never heard of or visited The Mid-Lothian Mines Park before. I replied, “Son, I need to get out more.” I’m excited to see where my journey in and around the RVA-Metro area takes me as I discover something new about Richmond everyday for the month of September.

Tomorrow is Labor Day and it’s raining here in RVA tonight. I will not allow the weather to deter me but continue on in my quest for fun. I do hope you will join me. Until tomorrow, have a peaceful night!


Savannah J, she adds a little sass in every page. 

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