Ms. Ella-ism #5 “Baby, nothing from nothing leaves nothing”: Falling in love with RVA

I’m sure you’re wondering how in the world are my title and subtitle for this week’s blog related, well I’ll tell ya. One morning while on my way home from work, I spotted a Grid Magazine with articles on fun things to do in RVA. For those of you unfamiliar with the acronym RVA, it stands for Richmond Va.

The magazine caught my eye because it was first colorful and second the words “PLAY HARD” followed by “CELEBRATING FUN IN RVA” were in bold type across the front. Curiosity got the best of me and practically spilling my breakfast on the floor, I grabbed a magazine. Okay, here’s where a little Savannah J history and candor would come into play.

Although I’ve lived in the RVA-Metro area for over thirty years now, I’ve never really put down roots, if you will. I’ve not found RVA to be fun and often struggle to find interesting things to do. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think RVA is one of the most beautiful Southern cities by far; I love the rich architecture, diversity of the different neighborhoods. But fun? Well, that’s a stretch for me.

So, getting back to the magazine. As I looked through the Grid, I saw smiling faces of adults as well as children all engaged in some sort of enjoyable activity. There were pictures of several areas of the city that were breath-taking, and I felt as though I’d been missing out on a lot. I wondered why I wasn’t out having fun. It was at this point, my mother’s voice came to me.

My mother had a few aphorisms that spoke volumes to many situations. In this case, I thought of her saying used in my title, “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.” I remember asking her once what it meant. She turned to me and said, “Baby, when you subtract nothing from nothing what do you get?” Of course, I replied, “nothing.” “Right,” she said. Mom went on to explain, “When you put nothing into a relationship or situation, you get nothing out of it.” Here in lies my problem.

I realized, after all this time, I’d put very little into my relationship with RVA. How could I expect to find the city fun if I didn’t seek out opportunities to have fun on a regular basis. And so, I made a decision to challenge myself for the full thirty days of September to find and do one fun thing I haven’t done before in the RVA-Metro area. This includes the days I work as well and since I work night shift, those days may be a challenge.

During the thirty days of September, I will post a daily blog of my adventures, and I hope you will follow me as I’m “Falling in love with RVA. Please feel free to comment or post a recommendation; I’m open to suggestions.

Daybreak by Michael


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The photograph of the sunrise over the James River was taken by J. Michael Shearn of Javan Shearn Photography. For more information on Javan Shearn you may Google him or email him at

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