“A Dream Deferred.”

Clouds and Green Field

“What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore– And then run?” Langston Hughes.

The first half of the  poem “A Dream Deferred,”  has entered my thoughts off and on for years, especially the line, “Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun.” I’ve pondered Mr. Hughes’ poem because like so many others I’ve had dreams deferred. My biggest dream, to become a Broadway musical singer was killed by naysayers.

At the age of nineteen, I secured a  spot in the prestigious Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins to study voice. The training I received prior to my audition was minimal to say the least but my vocal abilities were exceptional. I entered Peabody with excitement and determination to fulfill my goal of becoming a singer. My years at Peabody were difficult and eventually, my resolve was broken down; I left in my junior year.

I’ve often heard successful people say, if we believe in our dreams and work hard our goals are attainable. Now, before you prejudge where you believe I’m going with this, please stay with me. Many years have passed since my dreams at singing were deferred. The one thing I’ve learned since then is to not give up. I’ve also learned, my mother’s advice was golden. She taught be to keep my mouth shut when it involved sharing my plans, and to surround myself with positive people who support my efforts.

My mistake at Peabody was accepting negative opinions of naysayers. They were not the vocal teachers at Peabody, but others who felt my vision of attaining a self sufficient career as a singer was foolish and impossible. Suppose the great musicians of today and yesterday had believed that. Imagine if Chrysler or Ford or Edison had conceded their cynics were correct.

I understand all my dreams may not be realized but I no longer allow myself to be swayed by those who don’t share my vision. As a matter of fact, my plans are shared with very few. I keep my focus on my goals and spend at least two hours a day engaging in five activities designed to move me closer to my desired objective.

Perhaps you have goals and dreams that have been deferred. Maybe you’ve been influenced by individuals who feel your plans are foolish. Well, I say to you, dust off those dreams, design a workable business plan and form alliances with person’s successful in the place you see yourself going. Oh yes, and the most important piece is to see yourself already “there,” already prosperous. And do not under any circumstances allow anyone to dissuade you.

Savannah J, she adds a little sass in every page.



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