Good manners redeemed!

Happy People   I recently stopped in a grocery store that I don’t frequent very often. The reason being, they don’t carry a lot of the foods I eat. I in stopped this particular day because it was on the way home and I just needed a few items. Well, I was really impressed with their service, here’s why:

After gathering the few items I needed, I headed to the front of the store to pay for my things. The young man helping me, referred to me as “ma’am” and not by my first name. A second young man came over to help the cashier bag my food and he, too, referred to me as “ma’am.” It was then that I noticed, all the young men on the front end registers were not only polite, but neatly dressed.

Each of them wore clean, pressed uniforms with their shirttails tucked in! They wore belts, to hold their pants in place and even their shoes or tennis shoes were neat and clean. Their hair was clean cut and appeared to be freshly barbered; no one wore hair below their ears. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with young men with long hair. I’m a proud Baby Boomer and as far as I’m concerned, we put the “L” in the word “long” for long hair. My son also sports a lengthy hair style but keeps it neatly pulled back. I was impressed by the fact, they all looked alike.

After paying for my purchase, I asked to  see a manager and relayed my compliment on a job well done to her. She along with her group of front-end associates thanked me for speaking something positive about them, instead of a complaint. I assured her and her associates, I would be shopping more often in their store. This was based solely on the professional and polite manner in which I was treated. The appearance of staff was an added bonus.

My experience with this store had renewed my faith in the ability for preceptors to train their staff to use proper sales etiquette. And as far as good manners is concerned, I’m overjoyed, all is not lost!

Savannah J, she adds a little sass in every page.


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