Mr. Herman-ism #2 “Hang on like Sloopy!”

IMAG0235Often times when we hear someone say, they are at the end of their rope, we will tell them to tie a knot in it and hold on. It’s our way of reassuring them things will improve. My father, the late Herman P Jackson, Sr had a different way of encouraging people to hang on.

In 1965 a song titled “Hang on Sloopy” was released by a group called, The McCoys. The song went on to gain the number one spot on the music charts that year. After the song’s release and hit, my father adopted the tag line as his way of encouraging family and friends  that no matter what, things were going to get better. I can hear him as if it were yesterday telling our pastor “Hang on doc, hang on like Sloopy.”

There will come a time in everyone’s life when we hit a low point, no matter how strong we are or feel we are or no matter how well we feel things are going. Sooner or later something will pop up that will take us by surprise and send us spinning off balance for a while. It’s at those times we need something or someone to help us through.

My father used the simple words from a song to encourage people to never give up. He wanted them to know, help was on the way; that if they could just hang on a little while longer, things would surely work out. Perhaps you or someone you may know is in need of encouragement and strength today. Well, in the words of my dad, “Hang on like Sloopy,” because situations do improve.

When you feel as if you are going down for the third time, perhaps you imagine a rope with a knot tied to the end of it. For me, I see the hand of God reaching down from Heaven holding my wrist in the life-savers hold and me gripping Him back. It’s at those times, when I imagine God pulling me out of the waters, I hear my father’s voice using his nickname for me saying, “Hang on Tootie, hang on like Sloopy.”

The next time you feel yourself overwhelmed by life’s circumstances, remember the words of my father, Mr. Herman as he was affectionately called telling you to “Hang on, hang on like Sloopy.” 

Savannah J, she adds a little bit of sass to every page.


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