Ms Ella-ism #3: “Baby, it won’t be so always.”

I just had a heartbreaking conversation with a close relative. She is really struggling with some issues and seems to never catch a break. When I take the time to think about it, she isn’t the only person I’ve encountered who has problem after problem in life.

I’ve said in a previous blog, I’m a seeker of wisdom, not just for me but for others as well. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I’m going through something, the last thing I need to hear when calling a friend is their problems. I learned a lot from my mother and one of those things was the art of listening. There were times, I’d call Mom because I knew at the end of the conversation, she’s offer a piece of wisdom I could hold onto.

One of the things she’d tell me is, “Baby, it won’t be so always.” It may not sound like much, but Mom knew enough to look down the road and see an ending to my problem. As I’ve grown older, and I come up against a touch situation, I often repeat those words to myself, “Baby, it won’t be so always.”

Looking around at others, at times it seems as though they have it all together; as if nothing ever goes wrong for them.  Well, I assure you, it does. Perhaps like my relative, you are struggling with something today, be it a business, family, a job or a relationship to name a few. Well, I encourage you to dig deep and find the fortitude to keep moving forward, knowing there is an end insight. As my mom Ms. Ella would say, “Baby, it won’t be so always.” 

Savannah J, she adds a sass to every page. 

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