“What do you see?”

“What do you see?” That was the question my brother asked my niece one day as he took her out for a drive. She was a new driver and needed the practice before being completely on her own. Now, before I begin this story, let me tell you a little about me. I am a student of wisdom. You may ask, aren’t we all? To that question, I reply, nope.

Some people will forge full steam ahead, despite the obvious and the not so obvious warnings. I’m sure we all know people like that. I my case, I seek out wisdom on a daily basis. I have a journal with nothing but ‘sayings’ and articles I’ve come across that I believe will help me, and others in this journey called, life. If I hear someone say something I interpret as profound, I try and apply it to my life or use it to help others; this is the case with the conversation between my brother and niece.

“What do you see?” My brother asked my niece as she approached a red light. “I see a red light and five cars,” was her reply. “Now, let me tell you what I see,” he countered. “I see  two red lights, a green light and several cars.” “How do you see all that?” She asked. She turned to face him. “A new driver only sees what’s directly in front of them, but an experienced driver looks way down the road at what’s ahead.” My brother smiled.

When I heard this story, I immediately interpreted it as a lesson in the wisdom of elders. My brother is correct. When we are young, we only see what’s in front of us. We often neglect to look down the road and factor how our decisions will affect not only us but those in our lives. We fall to think things through to the outcome.

Many times, in our youthful years, although there are elders in our lives to guide us along the way, we see them as old fashioned and for some unknown reason, ‘dumb’. But as the years advance and we grow, we begin to see them as some of the wises people in the world.

Both of my parents are deceased as are my aunts, uncles and god-parents. I don’t have any elders in my life to call on for advice when a tough decision arises. When I’m faced with a challenging situation, I recall a lesson from my parents or or my god-parents or I open my journal and read some of the articles and ‘sayings’ I’ve collected. There are many times, the wisdom imparted from my loved ones, now deceased or my articles  have gotten me over many a hurdle.

Perhaps, like me your elders have gone on or maybe you aren’t very close to them. You may be young and eager to make your own decisions. There may be young people in your life you are trying to guide. Well, whatever your case, if it will benefit, the next time you or someone you love is faced with a challenge, and you are trying to make the right decision. Just apply the wise words of my brother to the circumstance and simply ask, “What do you see?” Trust me, I know things don’t always workout even when we do our best, but I believe it helps.

Author Savannah J, she adds a little sass to every page. 


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