The good ole’ days, where less is more.

Yeah, yeah I know my title is a bit of a cliche but it’s exactly what I’m thinking. I was working the night shift last night and making my rounds, when I noticed an old cowboy show from back in the day on one of the televisions. I’m not sure which show it was but it brought back a lot of memories.

I began to think about the evolution of television and how different the shows are today. I can remember when it was quite risque to see a woman in her underwear, and now it’s almost common place to see her nude.  Our love scenes consisted of a passionate kiss, followed by the closing of the bedroom door. Today, we are treated to full intercourse with only a sheet separating us from the actors bare skin.

Now, it may seem to you that I’m dating myself and perhaps, I am. I just feel that sometimes, less is more. When we reveal all there is, nothing is left to the imagination.  I remember the days of running until we were out of breath and then falling to the ground where we watched the clouds go by. In the evenings, we couldn’t wait to finish dinner and our homework so we could see what Little Joe from Bonanza or Miss Kitty from Gun Smoke were up to. In my opinion, those shows helped to maintain the innocence of childhood as well as society.

Today, when I hear the language coming from the television or the moans signifying someone is in the throes of intercourse, I want to cover the eyes and ears of my adult son. I want to transport him back to a time when watching television was a treat and not a stealer of interactive time with our family. Please, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not against television or movies for that matter, I just wish the content was better. As I previously said, sometimes, less is more.

I can only imagine the difficulty pro-active parents today must have finding decent shows for their children to watch. I can only further imagine the difficulty, I and my son will have  once there are grandchildren about. I think I will do with them, the activities I did with my son. Museums, game time at the park and a good ‘ole fast food burger and fries every now and again for a treat. The idea of hanging out and about with family and friends sounds great to me right now.  Away from the innocence stealer of some television shows to a trip back into the good ‘ole days where less is more.

Author Savannah J (She puts a little sass in every page)


4 thoughts on “The good ole’ days, where less is more.

  1. We cut cable and don’t let the kids watch anything in real time unless we’ve seen it first. When they see such inappropriate things on TV, they come to accept that stuff as normal, and that’s not okay with me. I lean to toward the liberal in my political views, but I am really conservative when it comes to my kids.


    1. Thank you so much for your reply. I totally agree with you, we have to protect the minds of our children, they are our future. My son and I reminisce about the TV shows I refused to allow him to watch as a child. Now that he is an adult, he totally gets it. Keep up the great parenting!


      1. My kids love Cosby Show, I Love Lucy, The Munsters. Vintage television that is hilarious and family friendly, shows that rely on good writing and acting. Whoops! I’m on my soapbox again!


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