The Prey: Strike one.

Imagine your life going along better than you’d planned. Now, imagine your life as you know it changing and you have no control over the outcome. Meet Asha Carrington a beautiful woman with a warped sense of reality who sets her desires on J. Carter Woodson. Stalking him from the shadows she becomes his phantasm and ignites a tangible fear in him as he feels his world slip away like a man clinging to the side of a muddy hill and he enter’s her’s to become The Prey.

Twenty minutes later, Carter pulled into the parking lot of G’s gym west. He grabbed his duffle bag from the trunk of his BMW and headed inside. Once he had changed he decided to take his run in the Cardio Cinema. It had been awhile since he used the room. Truth be told, he was a little creped out by whomever was watching him and figured he had better stay where he could see what was going on. But tonight he took a deep breath and decided to face his fears, besides one of his favorite movies was playing.   Fifteen minutes before his run ended, the lighting in the room changed signally someone had entered. Carter was so engrossed in the movie and his run that by the time he turned to see who had entered, the individual had melted into the darkness. A small voice in the back of his mind urged him to slow down but he was too far into his workout to listen. He wanted to maintain his pace for another ten minutes before beginning his cool-down.

“Hey baby, did you enjoy the gifts?”

The voice came out of nowhere. It startled him and caused him to lose his balance. Carter reached for the support bars on either side of the treadmill in an attempt to right himself but it was too late. His feet lost their rhythm and became tangled beneath him; sending him tumbling left side down, first onto the treadmill and then onto the floor. He hit both the treadmill and the floor hard. Stunned and shaken, Carter struggled to right himself. Disoriented from the darkness of the room, he groped about for something to grab onto. It was then that pain shot through his left shoulder and down his side and hip.

“Oh, baby, I didn’t mean to scare you; are you okay?” An unfamiliar hand reached out and touched him.

“Hell no! I’m not okay and who the hell are you? Why do you keep callin’ me baby?” He replied through gritted teeth.  Through the pain he struggled to focus on the face standing over him, just as his eyes began to adjust to the darkness, she turned and walked away.

“Hey, where’re you goin’? I need some help here.” Carter attempted to yell, but his chest throbbed with pain when he took a deep breath.

Just then the lights came on in the room and two fitness trainers rushed to his side. “Are you alright, sir? One of the men asked.  “Don’t move,” the other instructed, “We need to make sure you don’t need 911. Did you hit your head?”

“No, I fell on my left side,” Carter’s pain was obvious to his attendants.

“How’d this happen, did you trip?” By now two additional staff members stood over him.

“No, I didn’t trip, she startled me!” Carter answered, pointing in the direction of the voice.

“Who startled you?” A female trainer asked, looking about the room.

“There was someone else here; she walked up behind me and scared the crap outta me . . ” He knew he sounded crazy to the crowd gathered around him.

“You say it was a woman?” someone asked breaking the silence.

“A woman . . . she was just here.” Carter said.

“That’s interesting,” The tallest of the staff added, “The gentleman who told me about his fall said a woman mentioned it to him in passing.”

“In passing?!” the remainder of the group said almost in unison. “Yeah, said she was walking past him and said nonchalantly, ‘someone just fell off the treadmill in the cinema room.’”

Savannah J, she puts a little bit of sass in every page. 

The Prey is available on Amazon and at


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