Thoughts of my mom

As Mother’s Day comes to a close my thoughts of Mom intensify. My mother was one of the wisest persons I know and I cherish every lesson she poured into me. As of late, I’ve been chewing on her advice that went something like this, “Baby, when God moves a stumbling block outta your way, don’t ask for it back.”

For a number of years, I thought Mom meant objects and then one day, it dawned on me she meant people as well. You see, just like a lot of folks, in my youth I wanted acceptance and favor and so, I would try and include friends in my vision and destiny.  When they poo-pooed my ideas or worse yet reacted with jealously, I’d go crying home to Mom.

In her wise way, Mother would simply say, “Baby, everybody can’t go where you’re going. What God has for you is for you.” She would sometimes say, “Baby, you talk too much. If there is something you want to do, keep your mouth shut and do it.” I now see, I was trying to take others along with me who weren’t meant to go. They were like an anchor around my ankles or an anvil around my neck; I just wasn’t strong enough to carry them. Their vision’s were not as broad as mine.

In my later years, I’ve learned to align myself with like minded individuals and to position myself for success. It doesn’t mean I’ve cut everyone out of my life who doesn’t share the same goals, it just means I’ve learned discretion. And when an individual decides to move away from me for whatever the reason, I now let them go.

My life is richer and fuller since heeding my mother’s advice and releasing the “stumbling blocks.” I’ve also met some incredible people along the way as well. I’m looking forward to my future with great anticipation and to fulfilling my destiny. Whenever I feel discouraged or lost, I simply get in a quite place and allow myself to remember the words of my mother and all the wisdom she left to aid me in my journey. So, as Mother’s Day comes to a close, my mom may be gone but her words, just like her will never be forgotten.


Savannah J

 She adds a little sass to every page. 


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