The Prey – meeting the woman of his dreams

In Chapter 4 of The Prey, Carter takes the beautiful and alluring, Taryn on a date and his instincts tell him, she’s the one.


Twenty minutes later, Carter and Taryn were inside the Croaker Spot which was very crowded. After placing their names on the list to be seated, he led her to the bar.

“Want to sit here and have a glass of wine while we wait?” he asked.

“Sure, but I’d rather have a martini instead.” Taryn smiled coyly at him as she slid onto the bar stool.

Carter returned her smile, leaning into her, he whispered, “On second thought, you sure you’re old enough to drink?”

“I’m older than you think.”

“What can I get you two?” the bartender interrupted.

“For the lady,” Carter turned to Taryn.

“I’d like a watermelon martini made with one part vodka and three parts mixer.”

“Is our house vodka okay?” the bartender asked.

Before she could answer, Carter spoke up, “She’d like your top shelf vodka. And I’ll have a Hennessey on the rocks.

After the bartender turned to prepare their drinks, Taryn leaned into Carter and said, “I appreciate you looking out for me babe, but I prefer Absolut.”

A half smile came across his face as he thought to himself, “I like that; she’s not afraid to set me straight.”

“Al’ight.  Next time I’ll ask first,” he said aloud.



The two spent the next twenty minutes, waiting for their table sipping on their drinks and getting to know each other. Taryn was relieved that the conversation flowed so easily. Carter was beginning to feel certain that his instincts had once again served him right. There was something special about Taryn.



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