The Prey: Meet J. Carter Woodson

In chapter 1, we meet J. Carter Woodson, a man not only focused on his plan but on winning; a man on the brink of realizing his dreams. He is intelligent, confident, centered and handsome and every woman’s desire.


Chapter 1

“Dammm!” Carter mumbled to himself as he glanced at the clock on his bedside table. He hated being late for work, even if he was the owner of the company.

He had overslept by fifteen minutes, but in Richmond Virginia, fifteen minutes was enough to cost him one hour of time during rush hour traffic. All it took was for one careless driver moving a little too fast or another on the phone to cause an accident, which could back traffic up for miles.

Peering at himself in the mirror, he took a deep breath and then wrapped his blue and white silk tie around the neck of his baby blue shirt.  Both pieces were by Sean John. Reaching into his jewelry box, Carter retrieved his diamond cuff links and inserted them into the openings of his cuffs. He decided to dress in his finest navy blue single-breasted suit today, also by Sean John. One thing Carter Woodson firmly believed in was supporting young minority designers.

Sitting down on the chair in the corner of his room, he slipped his feet into a pair of black Testoni Noruegese shoes, and then reaching atop his highboy dresser, Carter applied another dab of his Issey Miyake cologne. He glanced at himself once more in his full length mirror. Now satisfied with his appearance grabbed his cell phone and briefcase and headed out the door.



“Elise,” he addressed his personal secretary without as much as a good morning.

“Good morning, Mr. Woodson; how may I help you?”

“Let Matthew know I’m running late. Tell him to start the meeting without me. I should be there in about thirty minutes barring any foolishness on highway 288.

“Will do sir, but just so you know, Matthew has already begun the meeting. He decided to take Mr. Finne and his associates to the Hotel Jefferson for a breakfast meeting.”

Carter cursed under his breath before he spoke, “And when were you or Matt going bring me up to speed on that decision?”

“As far as I know Carter, Emily was supposed to handle that piece. Matthew informed me on his way out of the office that she was phoning you, and he needed me to retrieve the final documents to be signed by Mr. Finne off your desk.”

“Shit!” This time Carter cursed aloud. “How many times must I tell you Elise, I don’t trust anyone but you to handle my affairs? As far as I’m concerned, Matthew’s Assistant should have been let go weeks ago. Damm!”

“Would you like for me to phone Matthew and let him know you’re on your way?”

“Yes,” he breathed into the phone. “Parking downtown is hell; why would he choose the Jefferson of all places?” he finished with a question that was more of a statement.

“They took the company car to avoid parking. I’m supposed to send the driver for them once Mr. Matthew calls. I can also inform the hotel valet that you are in route and pressed for time. That way you don’t have to worry with parking once you get there.”

“See, that’s why I love you girl. Will you marry me?”

“No . . . now if that’s all sir, I’ll make those phone calls.”



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