Yesterday was a day of goodbye of sorts for me. One of my closest friends took a job at another facility and so, last night we had a fare-ye-well dinner for her. After I left the restaurant, I crossed the old Huguenot Bridge, which was closing for good at 10 p.m. that night. 

I had raced to cross the bridge one last time, and when I looked at my watch as I drove across it was 9:55. It may sound strange but I was a bit sad at the closing of that bridge. It’s brought me safely to and from work for about nine years now. And even though I’m not a Richmond native, I hold sentiment for the old Huguenot Bridge. 

Today, when I go into work my friend will not be there. She’s not only my friend but has been the weekend charge nurse for about five years now. She buys us candy and keeps us laughing to relieve the stress.
She was truly my best friend at work.

This afternoon holds new beginnings for me after a night of goodbye’s. On my way into work today, I will cross the new Huguenot Bridge and work for the first weekend in five years without my friend. It never ceases to amaze me how God closes one door to open another, and even though the goodbye is painful, we know there is something exciting on the other side of that door.

Perhaps there are doors opening and closing in your life; to that I say, walk bravely through the open doors. Knowing, God has something wonderful on the inside of that new door. Trust Him that He does not make mistakes but leads us safely on the path He’s prepared just for us. Walk on and take God’s speed my friend, God’s speed!

Savannah J

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