“Water follows the path of least resistance,” a well known quote I learned in chemistry class. When I think on water from this perspective, I see it traveling along the easy paths of life. When road blocks come, it simply goes around instead of finding a solution. I see water as more of a follower instead of a leader, if you will; always taking the easy way out. Now, lets compare that to our own lives. Know anyone like that? Well, I do. It used to be me.

Instead of working toward our goals and dreams, we sit around waiting for the opportunities to find us and lament when they don’t. When problems arise, instead of digging in our heels and fighting, we find a simple solution along the path of complacency. Again, the path of least resistance.

Earlier today, I was re-watching the movie, “Memoirs Of A Geisha.” As I was doing more listening, than watching, I heard something I hadn’t the first time. The protagonist was talking about the words her mother used to describe her. She said her mother always said she was like water. “You are like water. Water can carve it’s way even through stone. When trapped, water makes it’s own path.” Wow! After hearing that, my whole perspective on water was changed.

I remembered all of the carvings in rock, sand and trees. Some works of art; some devastation. Water quenches our thirsts, helps with the growth of our food, and fuels powers plants. It forges mountains and creates valleys. It can be tranquil and beautiful or a fury that can not be contained. In the old testament, God used it to destroy the earth and paint colors in the sky, known as rainbows. Without it we all die, because of it some have. It is one of the most dominant forces known to man.

When I look at my life from this perspective, I see my growth. No longer am I the timid little woman sitting idly by waiting for my dreams to happen. I am now a force to be reckoned with. Some may see me as a quiet and unassuming force, but remember a quiet stream of water over time can create a path where there was none before. I no longer follow the path of least resistance, but move forward like an unstoppable river.

Perhaps you have dreams too and because of the nay-sayers, you’ve given up. Like the trickle of water slowly running by, you’ve resolved to follow the easy path. To that I say, square your shoulders, hold your head up and remember you have within you the ability, like water, to carve a path, forge a mountain or create a valley. Harness the power that for centuries has been used to build nations and when need be, tear then down. Like water do not allow anyone or anything to stop you.

It’s all in our perspective. Do you see yourself following the path of least resistance, or forming a new path? Again, I say, it’s all in our perspective. Which will you choose?

Until we meet again, be well my friends. Now, go forge a mountain!

Savannah J

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