My life matters!


From the desk of Savannah J


One day earlier in the week, I made the mistake of comparing my life to that of, an old acquaintance. Now, the entire time I was making this comparison, I knew I was wrong. Psalm 139 explains to us how important each of us are to God. The Psalmist states that we are uniquely and wondrously made. From that statement alone, I gather, it is insulting to God for me to even make such comparisons between myself and another human being. Yet and still, I did.


This particular friend went on to become the pastor of a large congregation in another town. His wife is a minister as well and between them, they share numerous degrees. As I sat reading their biographies, my life seemed to pale in comparison, and I completely forgot about all the wonderful blessings, God has bestowed on me. It was not until I felt so badly about myself, and I began to feel sad that I said the words aloud, “My life matters.” I spoke those words clearly and audibly, because I needed to remind myself of my importance.


From this experience, I learned a valuable lesson. I learned first and foremost how important it is to take God at His Word, and to embrace all He has for me. Perhaps, I’m not the wife of a prominent minister, or wealthy or a world renown author but “My life matters.” I matter to my son and family. I matter to my friends and co-workers. I matter to my church and community. But above all, I matter to God.


So often in life, we get caught up in the achievements of others and our well wishes for them go from, joy to despair; especially when we have not seen any progress in our own lives. We sit and wonder, when will things work out for me? Or when will I get my big break? It is at those times, that we must totally trust God’s plan for our lives.


You see, God is not moved by our impatience, or whining or complaining. His timing is not our timing, nor are His blessings for another, ours. What God has for us, is for us. And so, the next time you look around and it appears that, everyone is having a breakthrough except you. Or your plans just aren’t coming to fruition, remember God’s promises to us are, “Yes and Amen.” And so, take your eyes off man and place them on God. Look in the mirror and tell yourself, “My life matters.” Because, dear heart, it does.


Until we meet again, may the peace of God be with you.

Savannah J



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