What are you building?

Today, like most of the world, I find myself shocked and saddened by the death of singer, Whitney Houston. Comments and condolences are pouring in from all over the world to her ex-husband Bobby Brown and their daughter, Bobbi-Kristina.

When my brother first called me last night with the news, I wanted to believe it wasn’t true. But when I turned on one of the major news networks, I was forced to accept that it was.

After Whitney returned to the industry, I went out and purchased her CD; I was so pulling for her to make a successful come-back. I realized her voice had taken a hit because of her past, but I still hoped and prayed for the best for her.

This morning before rising, I was laying in bed thinking not only of Whitney, but others who have crossed over into eternity. From that, came thoughts of our legacy. And so, my question to you and myself is, what are you building?

There is a verse in Proverbs 13:22 that says “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children . . .” Now, some may interpret that to mean money, and it probably does, but I believe the Psalmist also meant a legacy.

Two of the people who came to my mind as I lay in bed in addition to Whitney, Don Cornelius and Etta James, were my parents. You see, I believe our legacy isn’t evident until we cross over. The global condolences pouring in to the Houston/Brown family are evidence that in spite of it all, Whitney has left a legacy.

I recently watched a tribute to Don Cornelius and was amazed at the lives he touched through, Soul Train; his legacy. Snoop Dog’s testimony touched me most when he stated, (paraphrased) that after he was on Soul Train, he knew he had made it and hadn’t looked back since.

By now, you may be wondering where my parents fit into all of this. Well, when they died their legacy was also evident in the condolences. Both of my parents died in the state of Virginia and family and friends from Delaware and states north chartered buses and formed caravan’s of cars, to attend their funerals. It felt so comforting to look out into that church and see a standing room only crowd. That being said, my question again; what are you building?

When I go on to be with the Lord, I want my works to speak for me. I want people to approach my son and tell him all the wonderful things I did for them; how I made a difference in their lives. I want to be remembered, just as my parents and Whitney will be, for generations to come.

The Lord has given me the Ministry of Helps and I embrace it fully, even when criticized. I want to do God’s will for my life and build a legacy that not only my son can be proud of, but my grandchildren for generations to come.

For me, it’s not about the fame or fortune or things but living my best life. Take some personal time and reflect on your life; where do you see it going say three years from now? How about five to ten years from now? Are you building a legacy that your family will be proud of? That you will be proud to leave behind? If not, why not start now?

Until we meet again, God’s peace be over you, around you, and in you.

Savannah J

What are you building?


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