My best Valentine’s Day ever!

I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but I do believe this will be my best Valentine’s Day ever. Now, in order to fully understand that statement, you should know that, Valentine’s Day is my least favorite holiday. I feel that it is a useless, overrated day that causes misery in a lot of people.

There are those, who find themselves counting down the days until Valentine’s Day, as if they are awaiting their execution. They smile on the outside but inward, their wish is for the day to come and go as quickly as possible. For whatever the reason, they are lonely.

Perhaps it’s a widower who recently buried his first and only love of his life. Or, it maybe a teenaged girl nursing her first broken heart.  Whomever they are, all the talk, glitz and candy only deepens their pain.

There are those who will say, perhaps I don’t care for Valentine’s Day because, I’m single. Well, let me bring you up to speed; I didn’t care for Valentine’s Day when I was married. This year however, I’m feeling very different. This year God is giving me a lesson in true love. I’m learning the meaning of real Agape love; unconditional love.

I’m learning that love isn’t just about the romantic feelings we have for a man or woman, although that’s important. What I’m being taught, is to appreciate everyone in my life who loves me. I am surrounded with so much love its unbelievable and I’m very humbled by it.

You see, I no longer need flowers or candy or jewelry from a man to feel validated for Valentine’s Day. Can a sistah be real here for a minute? Now, don’t tell me that you haven’t at least once in your life, felt left out on, Valentine’s Day, because you were single. Well, I have and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I believe that by admitting to my challenges, I may help someone else.

Okay, before I digress, this year is so different for me because, as I stated earlier, I’m learning to appreciate all those in my life who love me. I’m still single and absolutely loving it! I’m enjoying the quiet time I have with the Lord; my quality time with my son and my time spent with my writing.

I have so much joy in my heart, I almost feel like God’s favorite. But then again, I am! We are all His favorite. And, if we will take the time to totally immerse ourselves in Him, He will shower us with a love and peace beyond understanding.

This year on February 14th, I will have the opportunity to be interviewed by The Bad Girl of Urban Lit on her blog talk radio show; a blessing sent by God. I will spend time with my family and friends and shower them with love. I will not mourn the fact that I’m single but I will rejoice and embrace my alone-ness. And above all, I will love my Lord and myself with all that’s in me.

I’m excited to say, I’m single and not looking for a relationship, actually, I’m not even interested in a relationship. I’m too busy loving the life and the skin I’m in. Yup, I do believe this year’s will be my best Valentine’s Day yet and I owe it all to God.


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