Don’t get it twisted!

From the desk of Savannah J.

Have you ever met someone who was so kind you found them unbelievable? It seemed that whatever you needed they were there time and time again to assist? So much so that when they said, ‘no’ you were stunned?

A close friend and I had a talk about mistaking kindness for weakness. She made an interesting remark that I’d never really thought of. She said, “When people mistake kindness for weakness, they should keep in mind, it’s just that; kindness.” She finished her statement with the words, “Don’t get it twisted.”

My friend is correct in her thinking concerning those of us who’ve been noted to be exceptionally kind. I’ve often had people tell me, I’m too kind, only to be taken-a-back when I tell them, ‘no’ or I stand up for myself.

It is what it is; kindness. Now, perhaps you, too, have a kind heart but have been reluctant to act on it because you don’t want to be taken advantage of. To that I say, live and walk in your calling. God didn’t call you to be a doormat, He called you to the Ministry of Helps. One of the most important of all.

Just keep in mind what my friend said and what I whole heartily endorse; it’s just kindness. Don’t live your entire life, pushing your calling down because of a few misguided souls. Allow God, to use you to be His hands in blessing others; I promise you a joy you can’t imagine when they say thank you.

God’s plan for us is perfect and He doesn’t make mistakes. So, the next time you feel led to be a blessing but are afraid to move forward. Or the next time you help someone, only to have them try and use you, remind them and yourself of what my friend said. “It’s only kindness; don’t get it twisted!


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