Pushing through the Birth Canal

In my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to see many births. Each time I see one, it’s as if I’m witnessing this miracle for the first time. As you may know there are two types of births, natural or vaginal and Cesarean section (C-section).

One day I  started thinking about these two types of births from a spiritual perspective. When a baby is born by natural birth as they move through the birth canal they receive an extra squeeze. This squeeze serves an important purpose in helping the baby breathe once it enters the world. Prior to birth, babies float in amniotic fluid while in their mother’s womb. The amniotic fluid assists in the development of some of the baby’s organ’s including the lungs.

While in the womb, babies breathe just like they will after birth but they breathe in amniotic fluid. Once they deliver, they amniotic fluid is replaced by air. It’s very important the amniotic fluid is removed from the lungs in order for proper oxygenation to take place; this is where the squeeze from the birth canal comes in. The squeeze assists in removing the amniotic fluid from the lungs so the baby can breathe properly.

If you’ve ever witnessed a birth, you know it’s a effort for the baby to push through the birth canal. The mother works to push her baby out and the baby works to enter the world. A baby born by C-section doesn’t get this extra squeeze and the doctors and nurses must help the baby by suctioning as much of the fluid from the baby’s nose and mouth as possible.

Now, you may be wondering how I tied this push through the birth canal into our spiritual journey. Well, when we are growing spiritually every now and again, we experience situations that cause us discomfort. These trials, if you will, are like pushing through the birth canal. They are difficult, can be distressing and down right vexatious. But they are necessary to propel us the the next level.

Things which would prevent us from soaring are squeezed from our spirits so room is made for the blessings waiting to overtake us. God, in His infinite wisdom allows us to push through the spiritual birth canal to bring us closer to Him. He chooses not to rescue us in order to facilitate divine birth from glory to glory.

The next time you find yourself going through a perplexing situation, remember you are just pushing through the birth canal. Although it may be grievous and uncompromising,  it’s a necessary part of your birth to the next level. Hang on and hang in there, knowing that when you push through the birth canal, as Job said you shall be as pure gold.

“But he knows where I am going. And when he tests me, I will come out as pure as gold.” Job 23:10 NLT

Savannah J, she adds a little sass to every page.  

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I am an independent author and publisher. I am also the founder and host of The Biennial Authors Literary Festival. I've written 5 books so far; all published and 3 in the works to drop later this year. My website is www.thesavannahjpublications.com
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